2020 ICSA China Conference (June 26 – 29, 2020)
The 2020 ICSA China Conference will be held at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan, China from June 26 – 29, 2020. For information, please contact Scientific Program Committee Chair Professor Ying Zhang  at ying.zhang@unmc.edu or Co-Chair Professor Hui Zhao at hzhao@zuel.edu.cn.
Organizer: The International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA)
Co-organizer: School of Statistics and Mathematics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
Call for Invited Session Proposals
The conference scientific program committee welcomes invited session proposals. An invited session consists of either 4 presenters or 3 presenters and 1 discussant. The one-talk rule will be applied (i.e., each speaker can only give one invited talk). It is required to confirm all speakers’ availability before the proposal submission.  Please send your proposal to one of the members of the Scientific Program Committee before December 15, 2019. The acceptance of invited sessions will be determined by January 15, 2020.  In order to secure the invited session slot, the presenters will be required to register to the conference and submit the abstracts online by March 15, 2020.
Call for ICSA China Conference Junior Researcher Award Applications
The 2020 ICSA China Conference invites applications for ICSA China Conference Junior Researcher Award. Awardees will be selected from students or junior researchers who submit their papers for presentations at the 2020 ICSA China Conference and received their doctoral degrees no earlier than March 1, 2014. All qualified speakers are encouraged to submit a research paper in topics on either methodological research or novel application of statistical methods to real-world problems. Jointly authored papers are acceptable, but the applicant is expected to be the lead author and present the work in the meeting. The winners will be selected by the 2020 ICSA China Conference Junior Award Committee and the awards will be presented to the winners during the Banquet on June 27, 2020. To apply, please send an email to the Committee Chair Dr. Xingqiu Zhao at xingqiu.zhao@polyu.edu.hk by March 1, 2020 with the subject title “Application – 2020 ICSA China Conference Junior Researcher Award” with the attached curriculum vita and paper of the completed research to be presented (both in pdf).